Why Stretta?
Why Stretta?

Recent Customer Stories
After having my baby I had a struggle to lose most of the weight I gained. By them time I did I had a new problem, stretch marks. I had them on my stomach and my but. I wanted to wear cloths that showed off my newly slim again body, but I did not want people to see the stretch marks. I tried ZENMED Stretta for about two months. I can not believe how well it worked.

Joyce T.
San Diego CA.
After months of working out, eating an anabolically correct diet, and spending hours in the gym, I finally achieved the cut, muscular physique I worked so hard for. This new body came with a price – stretch marks. It was frustrating, seeing my hard-earned body marred by these marks. I decided to give ZENMED Stretta a shot. After just a few weeks, the stretch marks are barely even visible.

M. Potter.
Cincinnati, OH
A growth spurt during my teens left a few permanent marks. These stretch marks where not severe, but I was a little self conscious about them. I tried Stretta to get rid of them. After a few weeks of using it I noticed amazing results. I am now using the Skin Support Supplement from ZENMED and I love the way my skin looks and feels.

Amber L.
Vancouver, BC

f you have thin, light lines or stretch marks that have been hardened, red or even purple marks from scaring and stretched skin, you will want to try ZENMED® Stretta. It is the only formula that has a three tier scar removal process, promising real results.

This formula has shown amazing results for woman after pregnancy, sufferers of acne scarring, people with scars from deep cuts and even people who wanted to diminish the lines and wrinkles associated with aging.

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

We are so confident in ZENMED® Stretta and its ability to remove stretch marks and scar tissue that if it does not work for you in 60 days we will give you 100% of your money back! Guaranteed!

Stretch mark removal cream, Stretta.

Stretch mark before and after imagesImagine what you could wear if you weren’t self-conscious? No more one-piece bathing suits or cover-ups!

Imagine the freedom and confidence you’d feel if you had nothing to hide. Finally feeling great about how you look – and wanting the world to know.

Are you tired of ugly and embarrassing stretch marks?

If there was a product that REALLY worked to get rid of those dreaded purple scars, think what that would that do for your self-image?

Imagine looking in the mirror and loving how your tummy looks!

  • Feel attractive and sexy again
  • Lose that self-conscious feeling
  • Wear revealing clothes without worry

Your Solution for stretch marks: Stretta

Finally, there is a stretch mark cream that actually removes those unsightly scars and nourishes your skin to promote regeneration of new cells. You don’t have to live with your stretch marks any longer!

Stretch mark removal process

What makes this product different from all the others?

It's quite simple: it works. ZENMED®'s stretch mark system works to improve the appearance of your skin in two ways.

Stretta removes the outermost layers of dead skin cells and nourishes the cells deep within your skin, leaving you with beautiful regenerated fresh skin cells that no longer show the stretch marks caused by pregnancy, weight gain or body building. Secondly we use our natural Skin Support Supplement which contains many ingredients known to help the skin

At last! The one-two-three punch strategy to eliminate your stretch marks for good!

Stretta Stretch Mark Cream

First, it removes the marks with glycolic acid.Glycolic acid peels have been used on the face by estheticians for years because it removes dead cells and allows new fresh cells to emerge and give your face a fresh beautiful glow. ZENMED® Stretta uses the same glycolic acid to remove your stretch marks. Glycolic acid is safe and gentle to your skin as it sloughs off dead cells. If glycolic acid is gentle for your face, you can be sure that it is safe to use to help remove stretch marks.

Second, it repairs your damaged skin with the magic of Centillica Asiatica. Centillica Asiatica is a natural extract that promotes the production of collagen - that all important protein that tones and tightens your skin. Collagen plumps up the network that functions between the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and the dermis (inner layer of skin. When this network is weakened and “flat” your skin cannot absorb the nutrients it needs to be healthy. Centillica Asiatica promotes the development of collagen to give you firmer and more toned looking skin.

Third, ZENMED® Stretta uses natural healing nutrients. The proprietary formula includes Certified Organic Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Witch Hazel which are all known to deeply nourish, heal, and rejuvenate your skin, replacing the damaged skin with fresh, glowing new skin that is youthful and healthy.

Directions for Use: For use on the body only. Use after bath or shower. Wait one minute to ensure your skin is dry. Apply a small amount onto hand and rub into affected areas twice daily. If irritating, reduce use to once daily.

Results normally appear after 4-6 weeks of consistent use. It is highly recommended that a SPF 15 or above should be used if exposing skin to sunlight. If persistent irritation occurs, discontinue use